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Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 4:46 am

This interaction is at an achieved level, possibly high achieved. If you want to aim for Merit, which I think you should, you need to think in the conditional, future and include past tenses with more developed phrases, even the odd set phrase or modismo in the next interactions!
Los espanoles … como podrian hacer cosas asi…has oido de la manera en que los espanoles se desayunan…Una vez nos dijo nuestro profe que en Espana….
Adonde iras…porque has elegido esta parte de Espana? Que haras aca? Que podras ver? Que te gustaria logar durante tu estancia? etc

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Level 3 Spanish AS91570 Interaction Submission 1: El Dia de San Valentin
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Submitted on 2015/06/27 at 6:58 am

Some simple phases would help you here – en comparacion con for example
Good use of interactive strategies – agreement, clarification,
I think with the phrase El otro dia you need to add I heard that
Practice needed – what about that conversation class I mentioned at the beginning of the year?

Level 3 Spanish AS91570 Interact Submission 3: Los espanoles Tori Mcgahon
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Submitted on 2015/06/27 at 6:55 am

Good use of future tense througout and good cultural knowledge of Rioja shown. This would be a good piece for submission, instead of the conversation on this topic as you can’t submit the same material for different standards.
Quick edit tips
the future tense uses just the main verb generally – me quedare instead of estare quedandome
Aunque at the start of a sentence
there is/there are = hay, there will be = habra
antes de + infinitive ALWAYS
generally use the infinitive in Spanish instead of the gerund

Level 3 Spanish AS91572 Writing Portfolio Submission 2: Una carta con planes
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Submitted on 2015/06/25 at 4:31 am

Excellent use made of model, with good development of each point. One thing you could do is extend each of your intro phrases a bit: Probaras panecillo de queso/podras probar panecillo de queso

Quick edit tips:
It is absolutely esssential to go over this with a fine tooth comb for matching nouns with their articles, nouns with adjectives and finally, verbs with subjects: Una parte de la isla sur es las panecillos de queso. SON iconicos y deberas probarlos.
These errors are consistent and bringing your mark DOWN.
Reminder – venir is irregular in the present.

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