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image005Term 2 professional development taken involved 2 days of Kamar update for HODs, with a review of previous PD on Kamar and a strong focus on using markbook summaries and extending our ability to work in Kamar.

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In addition I took the opportunity to do a full day session on SAMR with a focus on flipping the classroom using explain everything and clickview.  I took advantage of the time and expertise on had to work on a long term goal for senior classes of subtitling cortometrajes in Spanish.  I was able to download a short from my list, import it into iMovie and subtitle it successfully.  I am looking forward to trialling this with students in our unit on Cuentos.

I also used the time to create a matrix for independent learning based on Gardeners Matrix for a series of linked units but have not used this yet. This is because I was planning to teach the Camino de Santiago as part of the Y11/12 course, but we have run out of time, partly due to the nature of teaching a combined class with two different curriculums and partly because I have not taught from an intercultural point before, rather I have integrated culture where convenient.  This means I have a lot of refinement to do.  The matrix was based on this part of the unit on Spain, half of which I have not been able to teach yet.  Next time I will start this unit earlier, with the extra time needed to teach in this way taken into account. Matrix below.


5 points











GARDNER’S MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Gather/Discover Process/Share Apply/Create


Read the introduction to the Camino and summarise the information in a poster using picollage Work through the online site about the Camino Write 3 illustrated diary entries of your first days on the Camino. Make suppositions about the rest of the route. Write 3 diary entries of your final days on the Camino. Use the past tenses to talk about your journey. Illustrate them. Create a Kahoot quiz about the Camino for classmates. Post link on your blog. Create a cartoon strip about the Camino. Write captions or animate it using Toontastic (free) or Animation Studio ($5)
Visual/Spatial Use this link and decide on how you and when you will go. Justify your decision.

Make a visual quiz about the Camino using Kahoot Create a Glogster about the Camino and post the link on your blog. Include videos where you narrate. Create a short movie with iMovie about the Camino de Santiago. Post on your blog. Use Google Earth to create a narrated journey about the Camino & embed in your blog.


Note the distances and calculate how long it will take you to do the Camino you have chosen. Use your map of Spain, maps provided and the maps online to plot your own journey with dates. Make a graph of numbers of people who do the different Caminos each year and evaluate their popularity. Label your graph in Spanish and post both graph and evaluation on your blog.  Use Grafio, or online,, Google Charts, Visualize, Piktochart. Create an infograph about the Camino using timelines, graphs and data to show the history and use of different routes. Include written information about the different routes. Use Grafio, Canva, i Visual Info or similar app. Online tools include, Google Charts, Visualize and Piktochart.
Musical Collect regional music along the camino. Map the music using Glogster or Picollage or Animoto Write a rap about the Camino. Put it to music and post on blog. Make the movie trailer for a  movie about the Camino


Use imperative. Write instructions for getting fit enough to walk the Camino. Use imperative to write instructions on how to walk 30 kms every day. Film and analyse walking styles in Spanish. Decide which is most effective and why. Use iMovie, iMotion or similar and a plasticine figure to animate a journey along your map with commentary.
Intrapersonal Do you like to walk? Explain why/why not. What other pilgrimages do you know about?

Post on bolog

Keep a log of your learning about the Camino. Write about a personal experience you have had with long walks. Publish on blog. Evaluate your own learning about the Camino, write this in a letter in Spanish to your teacher
Interpersonal Work together to create a list of what to take on the Camino Work with a partner to write 10 does and don’ts for the Camino Interview a classmate about their plans for doing the Camino. Find out why they are doing it, with who, when and which camino, discuss their preparations and give them advice. Debate the pros and cons of walks like the Camino, Te Araroa and tourism in general. Create your own Pinterest board about the camino with posters, memes, images, music, information, movies, advice to share online.

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