ILEP Scholarship Salamanca 2015

This year I was awarded the ILEP immersion scholarship for two weeks study at the historic university of Salamanca in Spain.  This scholarship requires participants to cover their own airfare, which being high season, and with insurance requires a personal financial investment of $4,000.  As opportunities to speak and hear the language are limited in New Zealand, I believe it is essential for us, as teachers of ELE, to make this personal investment to maintain our content knowledge, both linguistically and culturally.  The link below gives some details of the program and some images show the experience this year. Although the language aspect was disappointing (family homestay limited, no oral program at my level, grammar review rather than extension) overall the experience was interesting.  However, it was certainly not worthwhile PD in terms of cost benefit,  as it didn’t extend my language skills in the areas needed for more effective teaching.  In particular, it was a pity that the program, unlike previous Salamanca scholarships, no longer is pedagogically based, with teachers of ELE from all over the world participating, but is now part of international courses run for profit from the University largely for foreign students.  As with Mexico, I focused on cultural aspects to share with students rather than language, although I will be reflecting on the grammar as it was very old school, with lists of when to use what tense  for eg,rather than the more modern global approach.

IMG_1557 IMG_1564 IMG_1647 IMG_1692 IMG_1699 IMG_1733 IMG_1803 IMG_1855 IMG_1868 IMG_1871 IMG_6963 IMG_6978

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