Y11 Spanish 2014 Data Reflection

Y11 Spanish 2014 TAI report to M.Quigley Associate Principal, OC

What did you do that was different? Focus on digital teaching differences.

Hadn’t taught this year level for 2-3 years. Introduced blogs for publication of drafts and final written texts & conversation videos for internal assessment portfolios.

Used Language Perfect for vocabulary learning, focused on verbs

Used topic and task based teaching to cover grammar and language – students then wrote or conversed about the topic.

Taught some grammar more incidentally than directly  eg periphrasal verbs

What happened as a result?

Results: increased percentages at NA/A level but also increased percentages at M/E level when compared with 2013/2012.  Important to bear in mind that our numbers are so low that statistical percentages don’t really tell us much, for instance 3 students who did not submit sufficient work received NA for 90910, Interact, giving a 20% NA rating for this standard. Ethnicity has little impact with one student identifying as Asian, and gender no impact with 1 student identifying as male.

National statistics comparison:

  No Students NA A M E
National 2014 8.1% 27.5% 32.5% 31.8%
Decile 9 2014 6.4% 22.7% 31.2% 39.7%
OC 2014 15 15.6% 18.8% 29.7% 35.9%
2013 13 3.7% 40.7% 31.5% 24.1%
2012 13 2.1% 29.2% 52.1% 16.7%


Student voice was positive regarding Language Perfect as an online vocabulary learning platform; overwhelmingly negative on blogs for publication. Students find them unrewarding in general.

Where to next?

Continue to use Language Perfect as a focus for Languages dept TAI this year, but extend this tool with weekly tests based on vocabulary lists created by individual teachers which concentrate on specific groupings and sets covered in classwork. Test results data provided by LP analysed to determine effectiveness in terms of vocabulary acquisition and retention.  This should feed into better results in external examinations involving listening and reading.

Introduce Cuaderno de vocabulario to support and extend LP learning/classwork with vocabulary.


Continue to use blogs, but link these externally to other Spanish classes – Cynthia Voigt and Sharon Birch’s classes in US, Farmlands School in Chile and Colegio Anunciata in Leon, Spain to share other student’s learning. This year we have been invited to participate in a video exchange with colegio Anunciata.

Increase focus on blog itself as a webpage showcase not just a medium for submission. Introduce more reflection on blogs or using survey apps at the end of each task. Picked up on idea of asking two students to record their thoughts on a unit/task/activity on my iphone to get more student feedback on vocabulary learning.

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