Letter home to parents about LP

We decided that student’s vocabulary learning efforts needed support from parents, as students would be largely expected to master vocabulary content as set homework activity through language perfect, and do the tests at specified times at home.

We also wished to inform parents of what their course fees covers and bring them into the learning loop.

On reflection, it would be worthwhile also sending an email with a link to language perfect with student logon details for parents to trial themselves.





19 March 2015


Dear Parent/Caregiver,


This year, Year 11 language students are participating in an intensive vocabulary learning program using their devices. They are subscribed to an online learning platform, Education Perfect, to improve their vocabulary acquisition for NCEA Level 1. This annual subscription of $20 is paid through course fees for the year.


What is it?

Education Perfect uses a game approach to help students learn vocabulary. Students score points for consistency and accuracy.  At the same time, language students are able to hear the word they are learning again and again, which has enabled them to improve pronunciation enormously.


How does it work?

Students are set prescribed groups of words for homework, which they are to learn in a specified time by playing this game, usually one week.  There are weekly tests to gauge progress and provide feedback to students on their learning.  Students will also participate in class competitions set by their teachers and the World Championships organized by the site in May each year.


Research has shown that achievement results are directly affected by vocabulary acquisition. Please encourage your students to use this program daily at home as part of their homework routine.  We appreciate your support in ensuring full use is made this year of this online learning platform to help your students in their second language acquisition. If you have any queries please contact your student’s language teacher in the first instance.







Ms S. Oleary MA (Hons), DipTch.

Teacher in Charge Spanish

Acting HOD Languages

Orewa College





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