Lang Dept TAI – starting off surveys

We began our action inquiry on vocabulary acquisition through an online learning platform with student surveys. is a base vocabulary survey on student attitudes to vocabulary learning using Survey Monkey, with questions similar to those below.

How long have you been  learning your L2?

What do you think your current skill level is in your L2? The CEFR or European Framework uses a scale from A1 (beginner) A2, B1/B2  and C1/C2 which is completely bilingual.

When you think of learning new languages how do you feel?.

How many words do you think you can learn in a week?

How would you rate the importance of learning vocabulary in comparison to the importance of  immersion or grammar, when you are learning a language?

Rate the different ways of learning vocabulary in your opinion.

What is the main way you have found effective personally for learning vocabulary?

Rank the skills in order of how you would use them to find the meaning of a new word

When is the best time for you to learn new vocabulary.

Describe exactly how you go about acquiring a new word and retaining it. is a survey about learning vocabulary using the online platform offered by Language Perfect.

The idea with these surveys is to provide us with pre inquiry information which we can then compare to information gained in post inquiry surveys at end of year.  Due to the nature of our inquiry we cannot pretest specific knowledge, but can test attitudes and skills.

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