Planning schoolwide and course extracurricular

Carousel theatre contracted to deliver Spanish language puppet show to all year levels. 2014
Mia in Chile_14
Mia Banks in Chile on MOE School to School student exchange with Farmlands School, Chile. Exchange set up and administered by me for last six years.
Antonia, Rodrigo, Pablo and Sofia enjoy their three month exchange in NZ as MOE exchange students.
Cameron Ellin on exchange at Farmlands School in Curacavi, Chile.
Alex Vandersloot takes part in his host mother’s wedding in Chile during his exchange 2015
Camila and Franco with their exchange student Jasmine Bishop enjoy an outing to Rangitoto during their stay in 2014.
Camila and Franco visiting Taupo with me 2014

The exchange is publicised in School newsletters such as this High Tide Entry, and on college Ultranet.

Orewa – Chile Exchange 2015

At the beginning of November we farewelled Sofia de la Vega y Antonia Martinez.  After 12 weeks at Orewa College they were going home to their families in Curacaví, Santiago, Chile.  Coming back from Chile this term was Danielle Dean, with Justin Vasiljevich, Cameron Ellin and Mia Banks returning from their 12 week exchange in Chile at the end of term.   Pablo Arancabia and Rodrigo Muñoz are finishing their 12 week stay in NZ in two weeks and will be home in Chile for Christmas with their families.  Students selected to participate in the exchange next year are Alex Kirby and Alexander Vandersloot.

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