Differentiation via cultural learningDia d

Students create maps of Spain and Skeletons for Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos celebration.
A successful scholarship student takes part in a STANZA Spanish debating competition at King’s College.
Bringing flamenco into the classroom gives all students a non threatening cultural experience where they can participate at their own level.
CIMG0010 (2)
Making pinatas allows Year 10 students creative expression while exploring a cultural aspect of Mexico. The focus in our couses is consistently to have students create cultural objects to share with families – Spanish calendars, Mexican alebrijes or pinatas, food in class.
la foto 2
Alebrijes made by students 2014

Calaveras DiadelosMuertosY9_14 IMG_6672 la foto 1 Cubing Strategy


RAFT_Jigsaw centers_K12_97

Six Ways to Tier a Lesson

I continue to explore ways to differentiate content abd assessment for students, but

increasingly am of the opinion that well designed activities and assessments allow

students ample ability to achieve at different levels according to their interests,

abilities and inclinations. Our goals now are to encourage more students towards

excellence through differentiation, while catering for different learning styles, interests and aspirations in learning languages.

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