Data Analysis Questions

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????NCEA has provided a data rich and data specific environment. Analysis could be endless. HoDs need to learn what they specifically wish to focus on. They need to look globally at the performance of all courses to get a feel, then to look at standards within each course, and teachers within each course, to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths need to be analysed, why have we performed well?
 Why are we performing well in this area?
 Is is a well-written Unit, Course, Standard?
 Is it well resourced?
 How can we use this knowledge to improve even further and to work on identified weaknesses in other courses or standards within a course?
 Are are Top classes performing as well as expected?
 If not, why not?
 Which teachers are consistently performing well?
 What can we learn from them?
If you complete such an analysis for your class, write it up, send a copy to your HoD, keep a copy for yourselves and you are ticking the box for some EVIDENCE FOR REGISTERED TEACHERS CRITERIA 4, 5, 6, 11 AND POSSIBLY 12.
Eight questions suggesting ways to look at the information emerging from Assessments.
 Is this an especially difficult / easy aspect of this subject?
 Is this skill dependent on another? (For example, how much is research dependent on reading? Do you need to be able to do algebra well to succeed at trigonometry?).
 Are our Level 1 students, in general, simply good / weak at this aspect? (Are they better at production / performance skills than conceptual / abstract skills?).
 Does this subject / standard attract relative experts – or does virtually the whole population take this subject? (Students in some sciences, arts and languages tend to be specialising already).
 Are teaching methods and resources especially strong / weak in this area?
 Have we neglected this area in the past? (Areas that have not been formally assessed nationally in the past may not have been given high priority in classrooms. School Certificate may not have demanded high level thinking in some areas. Teachers and students may not have had clear expectations and targets).
 Are the National Standards appropriate? (When they are reviewed, do they need to be eased, raised or clarified?).
 Have we got the right assessment approach? (Are students getting ample opportunity to show how well they can do? Are all assessments adequately assessing to the intended standard?).
 Which teachers are under-performing? Why? Against a specific standard? Or generally?
 What support or professional development is required to help so that our learners can benefit in the future.
 Such in depth analysis is new. NCEA and the data it provides is new. Our HoDs need to undertake such analysis and strategically plan for the year as a result of this data.
Our Teachers need to reflect on their classes in 2015

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