Course Planning Unit Plan example

Orewa College Languages Department Level One Spanish 2014

Unit Planner: Unit Four

 El idioma es nuestra patria. – Albert Camus

Ko tōku nui, tōku wehi, tōku whakatiketike, tōku reo.

My language is my greatness, my inspiration, that which I hold precious.   

Ko te reo te tuakiri             Language is my identity.

Ko te reo tōku ahurei               Language is my uniqueness.

Ko te reo te ora.         Language is my life.

Unit Name: España Duration: 7 hours
Core strand: communication

Supporting strands: Language & cultural knowledge

Teaching approach:

Prior Learning

Formulaic exchanges of personal information using basic vocabulary CL 1&2.

Able to interact in a simple way in supported situations.

Achievement Objectives

Learners will be confident enough to seek out opportunities to use Spanish. They will be able to:

·         interact flexibly in familiar social situations and cope with some less familiar ones

·         use basic language patterns spontaneously

·         write extended information and form conclusions in Spanish

·         compare their own way life with Hispanic cultures, gaining understanding of both.

Specific Learning Intentions

Using language: Use past tenses to describe journeys and biographies. Communicate in Spanish about Spain’s regions, geography, famous people. Debate destinations and ways and means of travel.

Managing self:. Complete independent learning tasks set online; publish finished products on blog

Critical thinking:. Make decisions for travelling, evaluate results, respond to ideas about stereotypes, create ad

Relating to others: Discussion/debate on what to take

Participating&Contributing:Students will share information about famous Spaniards and Spanish regions

Success Criteria

By the end of this unit students will

Know: The geography and regions of Spain & some famous people

Understand: How the geography of a place affects its people & the meaning of El Camino;

Be able to: Use the preterite tense and object pronouns to write biographies and talk about journeys




1      España y sus autonomías –un repaso por el vocabulario y  los términos de la geografía, los números más grandes y el clima y tiempo

2 Bitacora

3      Investigar los pronombres directos e indirectos

4      Recoge información cultural y gramatical sobre su gente – Lorca y los tiempos pasados open before bio with this

5      Vocabulary and structures to travel – what to take, where to go, what happened




6      Lorca y los tiempos pasados open before bio with this documental with written subtitles OR spoken and TV quite good


APPLYING                                 Output 8      Explorar España por elegir un autonomía para investigar y después compartir por medio de un anuncio estilo Necesito España

9      Escoge un espanol famoso y escribir su biografia

10    Finish with un paseo por el camino

11 Bitacora EL CAMINO intro excellent site for el camino Gabriel Garcia Marquez y Jose Marti

Destinos wow, interactive gramar and all! listening!

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