Collaborative Practice

Moderation for Iris Wergmuller Long Bay college

Internal Writing Spanish Language September 2014


Beth Shave  Low Merit

Expresses opinions with some support on sport. The movie piece is confusing as she attempts indirect speech unsuccessfully and it is not clear that she is relating a movie plot

Range of language – conditional phrases with subjunctive, past tenses and relative pronouns generally successful; reasonable range of vocabulary.

Prepositional verbs such as jugar often incorrect, but generally errors are syntactical and do not significantly hinder communication; the letter is probably the most difficult to follow in terms of poor lexical choices, problems with syntax” salir de a montones de la puerta y empujados hacia el camión.” and lack of opening contextualization.

Kathleen Button Excellence

Confident and well developed piece on Machado which relates his life, work and the movie viewed in historical contexts. Creative writing shows confident and integrated use of language, but is an oddly disjointed attempt at stream of consciousness. Opinions are expressed and justified in all three pieces.

Use of subjunctive/conditional phrase a bit forced in the Machado piece, and some odd relatives, otherwise a good range of language selected and successfully used. It could be noted however, that this type of biographical writing is a little easier than those attempted by Beth.

Language confidently and successfully used in the creative piece with few errors. Connectors are used throughout, but no idiom/cultural language or imperative.

It could be argued that these pieces are well over the required 400 words and therefore do not show, as do excellence exemplars in the NCEA assessment samples, successful selection of a wide range of language in far less words.

Karl Furnival Low Achieved

Creative writing piece; Guerra Civil – errors significant including lexical, syntactical and grammatical, and generally not successful use of L7/8 language structures apart from passive voice. Recipe has irritating mix of infinitive and imperative, but imperative use is correct and shows some subjunctive with “hasta que”.

Katie Fairgray Low Excellence or High merit

Nicely done recount of fairytale and movie, with controlled and integrated use of past tenses throughout the first pieces, with a range of correct language which includes past tenses and relative pronouns . However, apart from one phrase, there is little use of conditional and future tenses, passive voice, indirect speech, imperative, to show integrated and controlled use of these. None of the pieces use idiom, and connectors are infrequent, apart from “de repente”.

The final piece, on travel is definitely not of the same standard low merit instead.

Kirsty Ainsworth  Low  Achieved?

Needs relative pronouns in all pieces, especially “que” ;syntactical problems: él era estornudó! and general problems with more complex sentence structures requiring relatives and with prepositional verbs such as olvidar. Punctuation!! Dependence on simple language and extensive use of past tenses, rather than L7/8 language.  Lack of opinions expressed and justified. Final piece on Civil War not well structured with no use of connectors to link disjointed facts.

Rosie Davenport   Higher Achieved

Long winded creative writing shows good control of past tenses, as do the other two pieces.  There is one use of conditional tense “seria un sueño”, a use of relatives “lo que creen y lo que hacen, que es”.

Opinions are expressed and justified and some use of idiom (dar por sentado), but no other tenses so no real range of language. Best piece is the film review.


Collaborative practice

Inviting other Spanish teachers into class to teach collaboratively. Here Eliel from Brasil joins the collective Year 9 classes of myself and colleague Gillian Taylor.
PD sessionTAI_15
Working on department TAI with language teaching colleagues.
la foto 3
Opening classroom to use collaborative teaching techniques.
Course Planning for a econd year Spanish teacher at Mahurangi College interested in intercultural teaching. Here we used Colombia as a basis for engaging students while teaching language through culture.
Shared teaching_14
New geographyunit co taught with James Robinson 2014 with two low ability Year 9 classes.

IMG_1470 Co-teaching_14 Teaching withJames_14

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